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DIALux user training

We are a accredited body from Dial, the one that created Dialux, in Singapore. There are a few other training centres in Singapore that has courses for Dialux, but we are the only accredited body in Singapore.

In this 3-day training course you find out what it is possible to do with DIALux 4.11. Using this software with its high-performance features you can achieve the targets you are aiming for in lighting design. You can produce professional documentation with explicit calculations and good images.

DIALux can do more than you think. With DIALux you can carry out all lighting technology calculations and issue normative documentation to fulfil all the important lighting standards, which is of course taken for granted with lighting technology software.

But over and above that it is so easy to create visualizations and animations to gain a photorealistic impression of a room you can compare different ways of lighting a room and observe the different lighting scenes. And with the variety of outputs provided you can react quite individually to the requirements of the customer.

Here you can see at a glance the benefits of the seminar:

For more information on the training and to register your interest , please email us.

Below are the course content that will be taught with the material from the people that has created Dialux.

We stress on the point of practise for the attendees to learn and we cater for 3 days to allow time for the attendees to learn with the trainer rather then putting all the above within 2 days or 16 hrs of hands on leaning it will not have enough  time for the attendees to catch the basics. We therefore created a 3 days or 24 hrs training schedule to allow more time and hands on practise for the attendees with the trainer around to guide them.

lux Consultancy Pte Ltd is now a authorized training body by Dial, Germany to conduct training for those who wish to go into lighting design for these widely accepted software in the industry. lux Consultancy Pte Ltd will be using the direct module from Dial and the experience of our director, Chris Teo to coach.

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Below are more details on the software and training.