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About Us

lux Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is the creation of Chris Teo. He has been in the lighting industry since 1995, at a lighting retailer, Light Mall. 

It has been a long journey for him, as he has been stepping into different industries to soul search what is it that drives him. Finally in 2006, he came back to the lighting business as a retail executive for Million Lighting Co. Pte. Ltd. representing the lighting brand Artemide and later as a Project Manager. 

It was not long after that he discovered he could use his skills acquired from Graphic Designs and the Art of Advertising into the industry. He has since picked up the skills on the theory of lights and hysical application of the light fixtures into work and has since assisted numbers of Architect companies and ID companies with their projects. It is through his knowledge and customer oriented services that he has won the hearts of designers and owners of both residences and commercial projects. He has worked with Architects like A-Dlab, ECOid, RT&Q, WOW, SCDA, Woha and etc. For Interior Designers, he has worked with Museum ID, ID Department, Jane Yeo Designs and etc. Through the years of hands-on experience, he has excelled and perfected his capabilities of designing lights to better serve his clients. Now, he has finally stepped out on his own to bring his knowledge and customer services even closer to his clients.

Through his working partners, lux Consultancy is able to design and supply almost all the lighting needs. The primary service that the company provides for is in lighting consultancy apart from the design and supply of lighting materials.

Working with lighting software and with the creativity of his work his is able to provide highly creative work without too much of a compromise on project budgets.

As what he always says, “Nothing is too big and nothing is too small to undertake.”

Founder, Chris Teo



formally know as lux Consultancy Pte Ltd