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lux Consultancy, where the passion to create energy efficient lighting systems for both commercial and residential use drives all our designs. 

One Earth is all we ever had, and all we ever will have. We eat, live and breathe the creations of Mother Nature. Overconsumption and exploitation of her valued resources ends here. 

Though technology is often used as a tool to overindulge in nature's wonder, it has evolved such that now, it has found a way to suture the very wounds that it has inflicted. 

A green lifestyle that does not slight in terms of our accustomed high quality living is no longer an unachievable goal. From the burning torch brought by Prometheus to today’s LEDs and the re-invention of induction technology to induction lightings, proof is on hand that we can make a difference through green technology. 

At lux Consultancy, thanks to our working partners, we are able to incorporate solutions into our designs that are not only able to reduce the carbon footprint on our Earth, but in due time, allow the Mother Nature to heal as well.



formally know as lux Consultancy Pte Ltd